The fate of R.E.D. lies now with her creator…



We have had an estimate from a local shipwright for repairing the existing faults

We have had a surveyor go over her from bow to stern

We have removed all our belongings from her cabin (now that was sad)

We have put the registration on hold



What’s left now is waiting for Mr. Roger MacGregor to decide if we

repair, replace or return



We have to trust that all we have heard about the integrity of the company holds true

and that there will be a favourable outcome.



It’s been quite a year….

We found what seemed to be our ‘dream boat’

We travelled to Hamilton to place our order

We found a great club for her…so excited when our membership was approved

We replaced a year-old Tiguan with a fully loaded Touareg TDI to haul her

We took courses to keep busy while we waited

We chose her name and applied to have it registered and it was approved

We found the perfect person to create our logo

We spent nine months equipping our little chalet on the water

We planned our first trips

We attended boat shows

We read

We researched

We returned to Hamilton to finally meet our Lady and bring her home

We documented every step




We are so very thankful to all of you, from literally all over the world, who have sent such positive messages

Keep the good vibes coming

We’re hanging in there…







….god how I hate waiting…