Today we just relaxed,

did some provisioning

and found the most amazing Italian deli…

Frank and Sal’s Market

What a treasure this place was!

Eggplant, basil,

really good Italian bread,

fresh mozzarella,

and the best find,

buratta cheese..

I am one very happy Galley Kat!!


We hung out in the evening in the club bar
with some great folks
and on our way back to the boat
some fishermen were just returning with their daily catch.
Three beautiful striped bass.


THE catch of the day from this proud fisherman…


…weighing in at 46.25 lbs…
…within a few minutes all three fish were filleted.


….I returned to the boat with dinner for tomorrow…


…but I wasn’t the only scavenger.
…this fella was waiting for leftovers too.