16 days to haulout…

and what a day it was!

6 ° C (bur-r-r!)

winds gusting 18-20 knots W.

My turn!

…left the dock – myself!!!!

(but in truth not a great accomplishment as there aren’t a lot of boats left to hit)

…practiced my ‘heave to’ – myself!!!!

…practiced ‘man-oveboard’ – ha! not!. (next season for sure though).

…just us and one other.

…will have to share Galley Kat’s recipe for energy bars…
…sailors lose a lot of calories when shivering
and that can of Guinness tasted mighty good back at the dock.
…Francois had to put the camera down at 35 ° heeling to handle the lines…

…crossed paths with this hearty kite surfer…
…who gave us a big ‘thumbs up’ as he flew past.

…we persevered as far as the Hudson/Oka ferry with the wind on our nose.
…then home again with full genoa.
…last year our tracks looked like mice on crack.
…this year look how we proceeded into the wind,
then home again with the wind at our back.