We left Québec City on a beautiful sunny clear but cold day
trying to time our departure with low tide….
…out through the lock at Port of Québec Marina…
…past the beautiful Château Frontenac…
…keeping track of more BFB’s…
…slack tide at 1145 hr.
What we didn’t count on was the force of the incoming tides and current
combined with strong Easterly winds
The expression ‘fair winds and following seas’ has a different meaning for us now
Fair winds – yes,
but waves increased dramatically to a good 4 feet as the tide came in…
…and matching the speed of the boat along the crest of the wave
proved difficult and made for constant adjustments.
It reminded me of the ride at my home town fairgrounds:
Wild Mouse: crazy fast turns, ups and downs at high speeds.
And Formula One
…surfing at 10 knots one minute, up on the tidal wave
then bobbing back and forth another…
It was an exhausting day.
We decided not to try the full distance back to Trois-Rivières
and stopped once again at Portneuf for the night.
Little did we know our next would be truly a day from hell…