What a difference a day makes…

Super winds but on our nose yesterday so we motored.

R.E.D. performed admirably in the 4′ swells,

nose-diving like a frisky dolphin into each wave.


hardly any wind but again NE


12 ° C (burrr)

but the difference today was that we were able to coordinate with the tides.

…our route

29.4 nm

max speed (get this) 9.5 knots….

…it pays to ride with the outgoing tide

…left Portneuf at 0700hr

slack tide in Québec City was 1005hr

but we were still making 6 knots by the time we reached the city at 1100hrs

It was a sweet ride…

Past the narrows we opened our sails for a while…

…heading toward the two Québec City bridges
…very little traffic – just us and the BFBs…

…notice the water this behemoth pushes against the current….

…the Captain is content with our trip…

We reached the Port of Québec Marina,

through the lock,

and were tied up at our reserved location by noon

and more than ready to begin 3 days in this beautiful historic city

…the beautiful Château Frontenac…

…our home for the next three days.