Captain has a brand new toy.


Our goal this year is to gain more independence.

While on the water there are so many things over which we have no control. What we can do though is to improve on and install systems that will allow us the freedom to choose when, where and for how long to stop. After draining the battery last year requiring entering an unfamiliar marina under sail alone really brought home the need to make some serious changes (you can read all about that fun day here)

This is the first step to that end.

Our new (and very R.E.D.) Honda Marine EU2000i Generator

(here is a link to all the specs)

Honda EU2000i Marine Generator

On the boat, I’m not a big fan of motors or anything that makes noise, other than the rush of water under R.E.D.’s belly and the sound of the wind in her sails, but I get why this will improve our quality of life and in some instances safety aboard.


Before bringing it home, I had the chance to test it’s weight….it’s heavy, dry weight just a little over 45 lbs, but I can lift it myself.  It’s very easy to start, even with my skinny little arms.  These two things were important to me. I have to know that regardless of what happens that I can handle all systems myself if needed and Francois respects and encourages it.  We still need to decide where to install and design an adequate exhaust line but I’ll address that in a future post.