With the passing of tropical storm Gert we were hoping to see some stormy results today but prudently from land…the weather report suggested conditions beyond our combined sailing skill sets.  To the shore for breaking waves and pounding surf we went.  To the shore of our future home.  As with J.M. Barrie’s works this is our Never Never Land, our shore, our place to escape and remain child-like…if only in our minds..to follow the storm.  The picture below is our ‘second star to the right’ taken from ‘our’ beach.  All disappointingly calm.  Flat water and just a gentle breeze but curiously relaxing.

Second Pole to the Right and Straight on ‘Till Morning

I call if ‘ours’ because it’s a five minute walk to the future RED by the SEA.

‘Our’ Sand

‘Ours’ because on one of the best days of the summer there were only six of us enjoying the peaceful sounds of gentle water lapping the shore.

‘Our’ Beach

‘Ours’ because we will claim it Never Land style whenever we wish.

Our Rock

But this is OUR ROCK.  Our little piece of waterfront.  A place with deep anchorage. A place we can come to time after time and watch for storms…and pirates.

Shining Waters

Meawhile, back at the marina it was anything but calm.  If we had wanted waves and winds we should have stayed on the boat.  Just a few minutes away from our peaceful cove, the winds were fierce, boats straining against their lines and rocking to and fro.  One guy we passed on the dock was worried about water levels rising and said it took five of them to bring in a sail boat earlier.

Bangers and Beer

Still hoping for that storm we rushed out to grab supper at a local Bangers and Beer event.

Sausage and Oyster Stout

We filled our bellies with deliciousness while listening to Stan Rogers belting out  Barrett’s Privateers then back to the boat again to wait for a storm that may never materialize all safe and securely tied up for the night.

Still Waiting

Meanwhile at a little further down the shore at Western Head, some were taking full advantage of the waves.

Photo cred Colin Macaffie

If stormy waves were what we were seeking then we picked the wrong shore.

Post Script: french translation is automated and not always perfect. Sorry!