This weekend we had the honour of attending the 8th Annual Relay for Life in Shawinigan, Quebec.
It was an emotionally levelling experience spending time with those who have endured life-threatening experiences and their guardian angels who have stood by them tirelessly during their battle. It also helped us put into perspective that the disappointments we faced this past week are insignificant in comparison.
An inspirational closing message from a brave young woman who will receive her final cancer treatment next Friday – roughly translated from French – stated that cancer strikes indiscrimiantly regardless of age, gender, colour of skin, religeon, social status. It touches us all in one form or another.
The following are our images we collected during the relay.
We look forward to participating again next year
…François as one of the two ‘coprésident d’honneur’
made an exception to ‘uniform’ by wearing his red shirt
…interview with the press
…warming up for the walk
….welcoming speech from honorary president
the first lap –
cancer survivors (yellow shirts)
those who have acted as support for survivors (orange shirts)
led by co-honorary event presidents (red shirts)
…the path surrounding the lake and walking path was lined with candles,
lit at sunset, honouring cancer victims





…we walked all night

…our team’s goal $1000

…we raised over $2600

Many thanks to those who supported our efforts!



…early morning post-walk exercise
followed by a welcomed hot coffee and breakfast
(This may be the only time you see François engaged in yoga at 0530 – or ever again for that matter)


…the final sum raised

….releasing the doves in memory or in honour of cancer victims





  “We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.”

    ~ Winston Churchill