That was our day today…

Fair winds and following seas.


Our anchorage at Galloos Island was a special one.


More than enough depth for most boats – 7 feet,

The only sounds we heard were the resident birds

and the waves crashing on the far side of the island.

But the entry to the lagoon was barely the width of R.E.D.

On either side, rock beds we could clearly see just below the surface of the water.

But once inside, we were very secure for the night.

This morning both rudders were raised and motor just barely skimming the water’s surface

just to be sure,

we slipped out.



…today, light winds, this time at our back….



…and waves barely kissing the boat…

Belly of R.E.D. happy.

Bellies of two sailors happier than yesterday.



Tonight, safely anchored at Chaumont Bay.

Tomorrow, Big Sandy Bay, Wolfe Island.


Boater’s Notes

Internet connection with our little MiFi

has at times been a problem that will have to be addressed in the future.

The priority has always been connecting with

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

for our daily check-in

at the end of each day

but we are finding

it increasingly more and more difficult

with more remote anchorages.

We are doing our best to keep posts up to date

for family and friends,

but if we should miss a day or two,

never fear.

We are taking good care to keep ourselves safe.