After a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and freshly baked Boston Brown Bread
we headed out.
Prevailing winds on Lake Champlain are typically from the South
but today we were gifted with a soft Northerly,
perfect for heading down the lake.
Setting our course 180 deg…


and with the wind at our back,
Francois set his autopilot.
…while Captain took a brief nap…
…I gladly took over at the helm.
After 17 nm we reached
the perfect anchorage for the night…

The Four Brothers:
François – the ‘bald’ island
Stéphane – the ‘bearded’ island
Sylvain – the ‘hairy big head’ island
Frédéric – the ‘baby’ (youngest) island

We were serenaded during our evening meal…


by a gazillion birds.
…then treated to sunset over the Adirondacks