We had a long day ahead of us
motoring along the length of the Richelieu River to Chambly.
Beginning at Sorel, Quebec, the river runs for 124 kms (77 miles)
to its source in Lake Champlain.
My turn at the helm today.
At the Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu public dock,
we stopped
and walked a couple of blocks to a nearby gas station
to top up the tanks.
Our little collapsible cart really came in handy.


By noon we had reached the first lock at Saint-Ours.

Along the way we passed the manor
where many years ago Francois and I were extras
in the filming of an episode of the Dead Zone.
There are many beautiful properites along the Richelieu
but this one was the grandest of them all.
I’ve never bothered cooking while underway as most of the time
we stop early for the day,
but this was going to be a longer than usual day.
Francois relieved me at the helm while I changed
to my Galley Kat mode.
…15 minutes to find where I had stashed everything.
…15 minutes to prepare.
…returned to Captain mode…
…40 minutes of cooking time,
and we were ready to dine.


By early evening we had reached Fort Chambly,
where we stopped at the Parks Canada waiting dock for the night.
41.4 nautical miles completed.