The CFA’s have arrived.

This was our third and shortest day. Only 389.8 kilometres.  It’s a trip that can easily be done in one day but we kept the speed at a steady 90 km/h, giving us better fuel consumption and because it was just a nicer way to travel, all relaxed and carefree.

Our tow beast and R.E.D. rolled as one solid unit.  After leaving the campground this morning though we noticed a sound that wasn’t there during the two previous days.  A sort of grinding sound.  I fully expected to see a trailer wheel drop off and poor R.E.D. tumble onto the highway.  But as we learned in our CPS Boat and Engine Maintenance course, first check the obvious.  Turns out all we needed was a little grease.  With all the rain the night before and accumulated road grit, the ball of the trailer hitch was rubbing metal on metal. A five-minute stop, a little lubrication and all was silent once again.  Once back on the road, Francois looked at me sideways and said ‘and this is why I bring ALL my tools Kathy.’

Nova Scotia Border


R.E.D.’s New Home Province


For Now

Total Trip Recap

Distance: 1365.5 km (848.4 miles)

Average Fuel Consumption: 14.4 l/100km (16.3 miles/US gallon)

Total Litres of Deisel: 193 litres (50.9 gallons)

Fuel Cost: $200

Accomodations: $67

Provisions: $23.53

Next on the agenda is to find a home for R.E.D.