While most retirees are downsizing, selling their homes, moving to condos, we’ve found ourselves going against the flow and sailing upstream so to speak.  We have the condo with a million dollar view, in a very well-maintained building.  Just lock the door and travel…so we thought.  But now in retirement we find ourselves needing space…not more living space.  We have more than enough of that, but work-shop/garage kind of space.  Space to design and create.  Space to modify and repair.  We’ve found our passion and that passion has taken us down a whole new path we hadn’t thought of taking four years ago.

So here we are today, sitting in our cockpit, our second morning coffee in hand. No wind to speak of, waiting to connect by video conference with our newly engaged realtor.

We carved out our initial shopping list for him and he has taken on the role of virtual tour guide..


Area of Focus

1. Property a reasonable distance to a major airport, building supplies and other basic needs.


Ocean Front

2.Property on the water


Country Charm

3. Southern exposure


Cocktails and Sunsets

4. A place we can fall in love with day after day.

He has thrown dozens of options our way.  Some with existing homes. Some just land.  All with ocean frontage. So now begins the process of sorting. A lot of sorting and a whole lot of dreaming and planning.




Post Script: The address ‘Rum Runner’s Lane’ captured my pirate’s attention the most.

Property photos courtesy of Domus Realty