Heading into our third season…

(ha, good pun…get it?)

…so time is overdo for changing the head’s (AKA toilet)

joker valve…


…a simple, rubbery valve

usually described as looking like a duck’s bill.


…we found out just how easy it is to change,

making us wonder why we waited.


1. put on rubber gloves (it is a toilet after all)

2.place a small container under the hose to catch and liquid

(this time of year the liquid is just antifreeze from winter storage)

…reminder for next year – use a bigger container!

3. remove two screws…



4. remove the old valve

(seeing that little bit of light through the duck’s bill?

…time it was changed)

5. new valve dropped back in.
6. screw hose back.

Took no more than 5 minutes!

Another note to self – buy an extra joker valve just in case.

for Jabsco Model 29120-300

part #29092-1000


All ready to go!