Even though we purchased R.E.D. new via the dealer from the factory three years ago,

she has come to us with ‘a few’ challenges.

The latest are electricity issues.

If you have been following along on our adventures,

you already know that we had to make our way to a marina

under sail because…

…well, if you want the whole story just hit previous posts a few times.

It’s all there.

Since returning from our

New York Loop

we have added a couple of solar panels.

‘Added’ meaning they have been purchased but not yet installed.

That will require some discussion and designing

for the easiest and most effective place and way to mount them.

There have also been discussions about the purchase of a generator
if we are to survive trips of longer duration.
Having a supplemental energy source is a good thing
no matter what.
But what we are realizing is that basically our boat wiring is really screwed up.
So, armed with encouragement and SO much really great information,
from a very knowledgable friend
and believe me this chick really knows her stuff,
(I didn’t ask permission to use your name here but you know who you are)
we have headed to our land home to begin the process of working on solutions.
Home printer,
drafting tools,
free internet
…and of course there has to be wine.
I’m given the explanation of the process.
…printed copy of a very informative email,
a little cut and paste
and my Captain is beginning to look happy again.
Isn’t it strange that once you begin to identify what the issues are
(at least some of them)
you can start to feel human again?
And dear readers while you wait for me to write about the
solutions to our challenges
here are a couple of pretty pictures…
Every day, a different view
Focusing on those silver linings!