The Socratic Paradox

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”


One of the important (required by law) steps in owning & operating any motorized boat is the license.

I first visited the Transport Canada site to learn more about the Pleasure Craft License

There are many Accredited Course Providers…some offering online courses…


At random, I chose the National Boating Safety School

We both studied and easily passed their online course and within a few days received our official card.


As there were more courses we were interested in taking, François decided to join the Canadian Power & Sail Squadron (CPS-ECP)

There are many advantages to being a member. One benefit was a reduction in costs for courses, boat insurance and subscription to Canadian Yachting Magazine (available en français & English)

…more to come about the courses we will take…



…all of the above sites are available in both English & en français..