Let me begin by saying that

Captain LOVES his pizza…



We thought it was one thing he would have to give up while onboard

(no traditional oven in our little galley)




who knew we could make BBQ pizza?


…So after two great days of sailing…

10+ knot winds both days



…I prefer trimming the sails but today we split the responsibilities

and I took the helm for a while….

still much prefer the tiller but am getting better at the wheel…


…even saw another MacGregor…



…so back at the dock…



we made these 2 yummy versions of grilled pizza

two nights in a row – it was that good!




Greek Pita or Naan Bread

Olive Oil

Garlic, minced

Dried chilis

Spread olive oil, garlic & chilis over one surface of bread



Kat Note:

the rest is variable

Version 1 (vegetarian):


Fresh tomatoes, chopped

Canned artichokes, chopped

Goat cheese, crumbled

Baby kale, chopped

Italian parsley, chopped


Fresh basil leaves, torn (garnish)



Version 2

(François style – meat)




Sun dried tomatoes, chopped

Spicy sausage, cooked & sliced

Goat cheese

Baby Kale, chopped

Italian parsley, chopped


Fresh basil leaves, torn (garnish)


Place greens on the bread and drizzle with a bit more olive oil

dress with the rest of the ingredients…

place pizzas on medium grill, cover and heat

until cheese is a bit melted and ingredients are heated through…

that’s it…that’s all


…bon appétit!




et bonne nuit from

Lake of the Two Mountains…