I hate to admit but I forgot to bring the chick peas…
But at anchor this was as good as it was going to get…

Kat Note:
quantities are variable
Sausage of choice
green, red and orange peppers chopped
normally chick peas which the galley Kat forgot
fresh garlic minced
onion chopped
hot peppers chopped

Kat Note:
I have two chopping boards onboard
one for meat (orange)
one for all else (red)
never the two will meat meet
this way any chance of contamination is averted
François requested lamb Merguez sausage…
sautéed with some fresh garlic…
meanwhile the couscous was steaming…

tossed in a handful of black currants…
& served with some extra Harissa…
…it was good…

…after a steamy workout below,
and a sunset swim,
the galley wench took a well deserved break

…life is very good at anchor…