Storage on any boat is limited

and ours is no exception.

Just accessing some areas is difficult and at times frustrating

so we decided to follow the lead of one of our virtual MacGregor friends

and order an access hatch.

The perfect place to start will be to install it below the galley
so we ordered the larger rectangular model.
23″ x 13.75″
If this goes well will consider smaller ones later,
but François knows that anything that makes life easier for his Galley Kat,
creates smooth sailing for the Captain.
…we used 3/4″ plywood (leftover from our ‘coffin’ project)…
…for a backing plate to add strength to the fibreglass
and to ease installation…
…once the hole is cut.
…tracing the template, measuring twice.
…because cutting once will be our only option, says my confident Captain.
…my Galley’s belly opened and raw.

Time to see if it fits…

…this Galley Kat is always usually a big help.
… a polymer glue added to the painted backing plate.
…perfect fit opened.
…perfect fit closed…
One more project completed,
making life onboard R.E.D.
just a little more comfortable.
…now to get on with the next job.