Yep, you read correctly…
That’s boat cat
Not boat Kat

I’ve been holding onto this picture for years.

My virtual cat.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I have even given her a name:


Most of you who know me understand my affinity for cats.

I once mentioned that I thought I was a cat in a former life to which a Buddhist friend commented:

‘You must have really screwed up in that life to come back as a human.’

Some of you also may know that François is seriously allergic to cats…dogs…horses….

Which brings me to a little background.

On returning from a military mission several years ago,

François, knowing how lonely it was can be for the one at home,

told me that if he ever went away again he would get me a cat.

Four missions later and I still don’t have that cat…

not because of a failed promise…

I just couldn’t risk the potential health problems.

There have been some dire reactions visiting family and friends with pets.

But the topic keeps resurfacing

and more and more it’s François who initiates the dialogue.

He has his ‘cat criteria’: pure bred is key for him.

He walks around our little apartment looking for the best place to put the littler box.

The designer/artist in him has come up with some really creative ideas.

The latest discusion has been surrounding having a boat cat.

We have the boat.

Now we ‘need’ the cat.

So there you have it.

There may never be a boat cat or even an apartment cat.

This Kat may cave in yet again.

Health risks trump furry companion any day.

More to come on the topic in future posts…