Here we are still trying our best to catch a fish…any fish would do really.


My Catch of a Lifetime

…so François fished while we sailed with a sweat soft wind at our back.


Sailing R.E.D.

Anchorage today was Baie Éternité.


Baie Éternité

It was a bit of a challenge finding the perfect spot to drop the anchor because of the extreme water depth so close to the rock face combined with rising and lowering tides. But Captain, as always, found a secure place to stop.



R.E.D. at Rest

His choice comment of the day: ‘R.E.D. resting between Les Boules.  Nothing could make me happier’. (you can refer to yesterday’s post for an explanation of Les Boules)



Catch of the Day

…and the catch of the day came from a can (of Salmon),some fresh provisions and of course bread from Tadoussac. Tomorrow we try again.

(recipe for my easy boat chowder here)