Today we took Ballon de Rouge ashore to experience some land-based adventure…


Perfect ‘FREE’ Anchorage

There is a trail in the Parc Nationale du Fijord-du-Saguenay that runs to the top of the peak overlooking the Baie Éternité.  We took it.  Sign translation: Intermediate to Difficult.  Keep that in mind while I continue…


The Trail

We stopped for a little rest by the waterfall we had heard during the night.



…and again for a rest under the Bloody Big Rock.


Bloody Big Rock

Frost during many sessions of  thawing and freezing has loosened this gigantic boulder.



The Repose

I struggled with the climb but kept pushing.  My fitness level is certainly not what it used to be.  Note to self: I must design an onboard program to improve.  Really, I must!


Time to Stop

…but at .3 km from the Bellevue (the stop at the almost sumit for pretty pictures) I started seeing rainbow auras in my left peripheral vision.  Time for me to stop!!!  François continued up the last part of the trail and made me promise not to talk to strangers until he returned.


The very Bellevue!

The shot!

If you look carefully, you can just barely see R.E.D. anchored peacefully in the bay and Ballon de Rouge on the low tide shore.