12 July 2013
1000 hr
1.8 knots SW winds
…all secure below
…trying out a cargo cage
to keep this year’s temporary storage from breaking loose.
…waypoint set for first anchorage
…barely a breath of wind as we left our marina
…regardless we raised both the main and genny

…by the time we crossed the Oka/Hudson ferry path
winds had started to pick up – but only slightly to 4.5 knots

…the beginning of one of the best weather weekends
and this was the only other sailboat we encountered
…topped up our gas tank at Pointe-aux-Anglais
…sailed easily to our waypoint at Baie de Choisy mid-afternoon
using barely 10 minutes of motor total for the day
…sad moment for François as his pretty SS anchor
is about to get wet and may never be this shiny again
…anchor set with anchor ball
(red of course)

…6′ anchor chain
…50′ anchor rode
…mud bottom

…just in time for our first Happy Hour at anchor
…all secure for the night as the sun set,
not another boat in sight.