At the end of our first season last year

we were faced with where to store

all the boats things.

Living in a condo apartment means we have limited places.

And with a good deal of our space taken up with military gear

there wasn’t an extra square inch to put even a winch handle.

We compromised and took a contract at a local facility.

Now Francois is retired all that storage space is freed up

(and when I say ‘all’ you have to remember that it’s a small condo)

Several years ago we renovated our little den and installed Ikea Pax cupboards

to replace the outdated ’80’s closet.

One of the sales people suggested doubling the depth

(one installed in front of the other)

which invades about 12″ into the room but gives us so much more room inside.

…a place for all the Galley Kat things…
…and if we add one more shelf our Dometic cooler will fit too…
…there! all organized and secure until spring.
…R.E.D.’s heart removed and charging.
…bed springs – the only thing left onboard.