AC/DC…this is how to rock on R.E.D.

We made this next improvement to reduce the battery draw while on shore power.  Even when plugged into an AC  source our Dometic CF50 cooler was always taking its power from the battery.

Original DC Adaptor

Original DC Plug


DC Adaptor Disassembled

DC Plug Disassembled

The original cigarette lighter plug was canabolized for parts.

AC to DC Adapter

AC to DC Adapter

This 110V to 12V converter will be active when plugged on shore power.  It has a backup connection for 12V which means if shore power is cut, it will automatically provide continual power from the battery to the cooler compressor (B- B+ connection)

Original Adaptor Now Converted to Permanent DC Terminals

Original DC Plug Now Attached to Permanent DC Terminals




Connecting to House (B) Battery




Ready to test




Attached in Galley




Some Supervision Required




Secured on Plywood Backing

Baltic plywood painted and mounted during last year’s galley project (here) made it easy to secure the adapter.



Plug to 110V GFCI Outlet


Cooler with its new mylar blanket (post of the making of here) back in place and ready for the season to begin.

Ready to Rock 'n Roll

Ready to Rock ‘n Roll

The Essentials

Essentials Nicely Chiiled



  • 110V to 12V converter
  • electrical tape
  • wire cutters
  • crimping tool
  • terminal connectors
  • beer