Our plan was to leave Quebec City and continue strait to Trois-Rivières.

With strong wind advisory and fighting the tides and currents

we stopped at Portneuf for the night.


With a not so great marine forecast,

we left

Portneuf early as weather/winds forecast for tomorrow was much worse.



Poor visibility…

Heavy rain…

Waves swelled to at least 2 metres and winds continued to increase.

Three times water poured into the cockpit.

At one point it was so difficult to control direction, we did a complete 360 °.


From the map below you can see we did a 180 ° – this time intentionally.

My fantastical Captain and life-skipper timed the turn perfectly into the waves.

As conditions continued to worsen,

we headed back to a tiny marina we had seen on the map


to hold up for the night or until the weather improved.


Skipper’s prime comment for the day:

‘I felt like a cork with an engine’




…when we are back to civilization, internet and phone service I will fill in the blanks,

but for now we are safe,



not so very dry…