RIGGING – Spring 2015

RIGGING – Spring 2015

Now that all the priorities for spring launch are complete,

2 coats of wax,

antifouling touch up…


we can begin to prep R.E.D. for the upcoming season..

Mast roller extension installed…


…re-put the spreaders and stays
…mast stepped and secured…




We decided to try to fix a problem we were having with the main furler last year…
something to do with the internal bearings…
Undid the base and the internal cable came flying out,
furler taking flight..
Luckily, no one was hurt,
no damage done to our boat
or neighbouring boats.
Mast stepped and upstepped 3 times,
but we finally got the bearings back in their housing
and the cable threaded back through the furler.



Club staff were also working hard to prepare for upcoming lauch.


Still so much more to do, but whenever the docks are ready,
we will be ready.