Well, dear friends,

another chapter is closing on our little odyssey.

The side trip to Long Island Sound was amazing!

It wasn’t a part of our original plans

but had we missed it,

it would have been a shame.

We didn’t realize the geographic magnitude

and after four days,

had covered just a fraction of it’s wonderful locations.

The plan is to return someday to complete our visit.

Yesterday we crossed from Connecticut back to the New York side

in dense fog,

visibility barely one mile.

Sailing in the light winds proved far too frustrating

but we made it at least 1/3 of the way across before motoring.

Our achorage for the night was a treat in North Port Bay,

quiet and protected just behind this sand spit…

Today was an entirely different scenario.

20 knot winds,

white caps,

more tide and current challenges…

What a great way to finish our last day on the Sound!

Now safely at anchor just past Throgs Neck Bridge

with another view of the New York skyline…

…we plan for tomorrow’s trip through Hell Gate…

this time it will be scheduled.

R.E.D.’s salt water experience has been unique for our little fresh water lady.

(Francois would kill to be able to power wash right now)

We too are crusty and crinkly (no shower for at least four days).

But what an experience this part has been!

While I poured us an evening cocktail,

Captain barbecued us dinner R.E.D. style

that could rival any New York Pizza (Galley Kat’s Recipe)…

(our story and we are sticking to it)

Check back tomorrow to see if we survived the gate from Hell…