From our secure achorage near Newburgh,

onward and southward…

…but before leaving Captain had to clean all the parts of his new
Fortress anchor.
…we lucked in again with a frisky south-west wind.
…full sail!!!


…just before Constitution Island we passed the ruins
Can you imagine what this must have been like in its original state?
…and the very impressive campus of West Point
was just a few minutes around the bend in the river…
…where apparently rivalry is taken very seriously.

We needed to stop briefly in West Haverstraw

to get to a West Marine to fix a problem with my life vest.

We had planned on asking one of the many marinas if we could dock for a short while,

when we spotted Hudson Water Club.

They had no problem with us using their facilities,

telling us we could stay as long as we needed

and even ordered us a taxi.

Their warm hospitality was so appreciated that we stopped

on our return for the best dirty martini on the Hudson.

Way point is now in our GPS for the trip up-river for sure.

We have seen indications on our charts for ‘special anchorage’ points
so thought we would finally take advantage in Nyack.
Easy pick-up of the mooring ball,
a call in to report to ‘they who must be informed’
(US Customs & Border Protection)
and we are good for the night…
…in a not too shabby neighbourhood…

…with a little overhead entertainment while we dined…