It’s a big messed up fog of confusion this moving business.  We know we need to find a land home but where to search.  We know we need to find a home for R.E.D. that’s relatively near where we live. We don’t want another situation of when we were in Montreal and had to drive for almost an hour in good traffic to reach our boat club and for those who know Montreal, ‘good traffic’ exists only in dreams.  Most yacht clubs require a full membership before a dock space can be reserved, if indeed they have space for the season.  We could take a lesser convenient mooring but our dinghy, Ballon de Rouge, is still under man power (a small engine is in his future but for now it’s not a priority) and with no shore power how long would our batteries stay charged in frequent east coast fog?  I felt like a cat that had just been let out of her travel case. Anxious. Confused. Stressed.

Mahone Bay

After a couple of days of driving along the picturesque southern coast of Nova Scotia and visiting several marinas and yacht clubs we settled on a home for R.E.D. at least for this season but so far what we see, we really like.  Shining Water Marine is located on the eastern shore of St. Margaret’s Bay on the Light House Route of Highway 333 otherwise known as Peggy’s Cove Road, within 15 minutes from Halifax and within easy driving distance to some of the country’s best beaches. Perfect!

Lobster Boat

And there seems to be a resident lobster fisherman at the quay just west of us.  He may see me standing at his slip when next lobster season rolls around.  If I’m to understand that could be as early as August around these parts.

South Shore

Shining Waters offers the full service of a Yacht Club in a beautiful but relaxed setting without the comittment of a membership.  Washrooms, showers, laundry, new docks with electricity and water. No problem storing our trailer, a functional ramp should we need to haul out for the occasional land trips and a fairly active social agenda should we wish to participate.  And the best part, located near the Head of St. Margaret’s Bay and the gateway to some of Canada’s best sailing ground.

Shining Waters Marine

Finger #53 will be ours for the season and should we choose to continue our relationship here into 2018 and beyond, a deposit to secure our spot is all that’s needed.

Lucky 5+3=8

It was with mixed emotions that we headed out this morning but we didn’t want to overstay the welcome of our generous hosts. But first we had to do a bit of pruning.  That pine tree was just far too close.


Inches to spare.

Heading Home

Next on our agenda aside from washing away all the traces of land travel, is to relax a bit, explore our new sailing ground and on off days, find a land home for the crew.  We’re confident that we’ll discover our “Red by the Sea” in good time.  We aren’t in a hurry, we are comfortable aboard R.E.D. until October and the close of the sailing season and when we find it we’ll know it’s right.

Sunset on the Bay

Today the Galley Kat is much more calm and settled.  Our little chalet is now splashed and safely at her dock and tomorrow is a new day with a clean slate on which to write more of our story.




Still squeezing those last few days on the water.  The weather has been superb.  Days of gentle breezes and 25 ° C temperatures make it so hard to say goodbye to yet another spectacular season aboard R.E.D.

Last Hurrah

It was the perfect occasion to let the sails have their last breath before being packed away.

Easy Rider

…and Pig makes three.


Major Pig (ret’d)

Full main and genoa made an easy sail across our lake but on our return the sails came down, all flaked perfectly and stuffed into their bags ready for  next season.


Naked Lady on the Dock

I half considered titling this post ‘ Nake Lady on the Dock’ but we get more than enough spam as it is so here you have it, our beautiful R.E.D. de-nuded of her canvas and ready for stage two of her ‘springerizing’ process.  Be back soon.  We aren’t nearly close to being over this ongoing adventure of ours.  Many more sunrises. Many more sunsets. Many more rising moons.

Rising Crescent




Now when I mention ‘spa day’ you might think of lilting music, maybe a massage, or a beauty treatment.  There was coconut oil involved and even lavender oil and there was cake and a cocktail. Believe me when I say there was at least one cocktail!!!

But first things first…

One more night at anchor, a relatively calm night in the forecast.  I was so encouraged not to be tossed from pillar to post that I made cake.  My favourite onboard stove top breakfast cake (my recipe here), because to maximize the push of the outgoing tide we needed an early start to our day.  Freshly brewed coffee and cake on the go at first light.

Breakfast Cake

Breakfast Cake

Dislodging the anchor was predictably difficult.  It, afterall, had held us fast for the past three days, one of them a twelve-hour gale.  But with some forward throttle and Francois’ brute strength we were on our way. Perfect winds at our back, Captain deployed the Genoa.

Trimming the Sail

Trimming the Sail

Four glorious hours cutting through the impressive four foot swells makes  one very happy sailor.

Happy Sailor

Happy Sailor

François tried yet again for the catch of the day. No fish but look at that smile.

Persistent Fisherman

Persistent Fisherman

Now on to our ‘spa day’…

This may only be understood by sailors but when you can take immense pleasure and I do mean immense pleasure in arriving at a friendly marina, emptying the cabin, drying out the bilge (this is where the lavender oil came in to refresh), replacing everything neatly, plugging in the cabin heater, taking a hot shower (coconut oil required to remove tangles from my hair), and laundry…..so much fun doing laundry!  And while we waited we treated ourselves to beers and fried clams.



Who knows how far we could go with this renewed attitude?


Rimouski Marina

 Five star spa on the water for $44 per day.