We had originally ordered a jib but because of a mixup we ended up with a genoa.

Long story short…we are still in possession of the genny,

so decided to install and see how it goes.

If all goes well we may end up with both…

…the furling system is easy to install










all ready for another day of sailing


…after a good day’s work,
François retrieved our evening beverage
from our water ‘refrigerator’




…a pleasant 60 ° F
…some entertaining dinner music


…and a bowl of delicious Lemony Lentil Soup
…every evening a different view
….pinch me…



RIGGING – part 3

RIGGING – part 3

the main sail…

once the main furler system was properly installed…

raising and furling was a breeze…

Francois’ comment of the day:

“We are having this much fun and we’re not even on the water yet”