“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

~William Arthur Ward

Do you ever reach a point in a life event when you have to take a really hard look at the situation and say ‘this just ain’t gonna happen’?

That’s us, this 3rd day of June, 2017.  R.E.D. is ready in advance as usual.  All polished, rigged, provisioned and ready to go.  First of all the club boats. Mast up (yes, we know we can’t launch with the mast up, to all those who stopped by to let us know). Mast down.  Wrapped and strapped in preparation for traversing the first lock, the first of almost 200 locks in our Summer Adventure 2017.  Locking passes acquired, mooring passes purchased.  Even Ballon de Rouge, our trusty little dinghy, has his own locking pass.  Charts for cruising areas have been purchased.  We are SO ready!

And as well,  our condo has sold.  One week after listing we signed that coveted non-conditional offer.  We are officially homeless…not boatless…homeless.  Free and clear of showings and constant staging.  Ready to sell what furniture we don’t want, pack up our belongings and go.

We’re ready…

Ready to Set Sail

But Mother Nature hasn’t cooperated this year.


Flooding in our part of the country has been disastrous for so many and at the very least disappointing for eager sailors who watch daily for weather reports and water levels and wait eagerly for their respective clubs to announce launch dates.  Lucky us. Our club is ready. Dock #64 is ready.  Today is our launch day.

Our Dock

But we won’t be launching..

Our proposed trip is just not possible this year.  Water levels are preventing many of the multitude of locks along the way from opening in a timely fashion.  Water levels will prevent even little us from passing under some of the bridges. The window for our three-month journey has closed

With all that said we are adjusting our sails so to speak, heading east instead of west. You read that correctly. The crew of three, Captain Francois, Galley Kat and Major Pig with R.E.D. in tow are embarquing on a whole new type of adventure across three provinces, several hundred miles of highway toward the great Atlantic Ocean.

R.E.D. is heading to her new permanent home.  Compass reading 90 degrees.

Due East