We woke this morning to this view out our cabin window.

…150 dinghies all in a row…

This weekend our club hosted

Quebec Sailing Federation’s championship regatta.

and the final Jeux de Quebec South-West Regionals

with a fund-raising dinner.

Our plan had been to sail with friends,

anchor somewhere

and enjoy a cockpit barbecue

to watch the races.

Given the howling winds and pelting rain

and a little hail in the mix

they decided that they would prefer a ‘rainless date’.

Instead, Captain worked on addressing our much needed wiring re-do.

(post about the wiring plan here)

…new negative bus bar labelled…
…then securely installed…
…positive leads to auxiliary battery with terminal fuses…
We weren’t aware that these little time and space-saving miracles existed.
Many thanks to our resource guru for the advice.
For the longest time the volt reader was maximum 13.5 V
and after just this small amount of work it reads 14.2 V
We still have far to go but could this small change have made the difference?
Makes sense that removing some resistence could have made this positive result.

Tight space onboard meant that I stayed out of the way

until my hands were needed to hold something

while Captain tightened something

and pictures taken to document the steps.

I did however get a blow by blow account

to keep me informed of the process

which I always appreciate.

I just curled up in my little Kat corner

happily catching up on some blogging and reading,

cooking up something delicious for our supper

with a new cocktail creation to warm our chilly evening by candle light.

(recipes promised very soon on Sea Salt Galley Kat so stay tuned)

It was a good division of labour.