Flash back to the other day when we were still in our ‘honeymoon’ home buying phase, all priorities checked off our wish list.  Add to that an excellent home inspector’s report…then a not so excellent septic report….then the sound of the other shoe dropping. Water report: unacceptable.  More than good reason to terminate our contract.  We felt comfortable to walk away and start our search anew.  Moderately disappointing but who wants to take on a hornet’s nest of other’s problems?

Fast forward to present time.  The seller is willing to replace the septic system at their expense which means it will have to be done by today’s standards, engineer designed and Nova Scotia Environment certified which means also the correct distance from the well.

What shall we do?!?!

We went back to our original thoughts, our original list, our original impressions.  We added extra criteria.  Do we see ourselves here in ten years, twenty years or longer?  Do I see myself here if anything should happen to Francois?  Then a bigger question that gave Francois reason to stop and think.  Would he be happy here if anything should happen to me?  Good question, he said.  After he thought for a while he said that yes, he could see himself living here without me but it would feel empty.  Now I said, remove me from the equation. Pretend I’m not here (I know it’s hard to do, haha).  Would you accept the new offer?  I would, he said.

This septic and water issue had put a cloud over the whole deal not too dissimilar to when we first bought R.E.D., brought her home, splashed her, spent the first night onboard to awaken to 3″ of water in the cabin.  More than one person advised us to return her.  You can get so much more boat for that price they said.  There were tears, sleepless nights and so much doubt.  We lost faith in her integrity.  But once the problems were remedied she regained our trust.  With each issue encountered – and there were many – we fixed it, seeing it as a way to get to know our boat more intimately.  We look back now and think we wouldn’t have changed a thing.  We stuck with R.E.D. and she has given us five years of unforgettable adventures…and there will be more.

Saguenay 2016

There is no perfect…ever. The idea of utopia keeps us all looking forward, seeking the sometimes unattainable.  There will always be something better.  Always a sweeter deal around the next corner.    We are trying hard not to get caught up in chasing the ‘more’, the ‘better’, the ‘bigger’, the endless ‘what if’s’.  But we don’t want to settle either.  This little RED by the SEA is certainly not perfect.  She comes with her own flaws, however charming.  She’s old.  She has stairs we will need to climb and should we become disabled this could present an issue.  The view of the sea will diminish with time as the trees grow taller.

We sat here this morning with our first coffee revisitng the discussion of what to do.  We tried really hard to come up with more than just two concerns. Then we sat in silence for a while, thinking.  A question my daughter asked yesterday brought the discussion to a close. ‘Is this your dream home?’  Francois’ immediate answer, we’ll make it our dream home!

Coming Home

 The clarity of hindsight will eventually show us the wisdom of our decision, a decision we are looking forward to living with, whatever may come.

UPDATE from the CREW

UPDATE from the CREW

Hi there folks.  Did you all think we had fallen off the edge of the earth?  We’ve heard rumblings from friends who have been wondering about us.  To the contrary, we are still here, still moving forward.  There’s nothing really definite that I can report on but thought we should get back in touch to let you know our current status.

Last time you checked in we were full on condo reno.  Still at it but the reno stage is complete and we are full on home staging.  There’s very little we had to do in that regard – just a little tweaking here and there – some decorative bits to help the future owners imagine themselves lovin’ this space.

We haven’t neglected our dear R.E.D..  For sure we have our regular visits to make sure all is cool under the tarp.

R.E.D.’s Winter Look

As the weather begins to improve and we realize spring is just around the corner, our exictement for this summer’s adventure is becoming very real.  Charts and passes are in hand so it’s just a matter of provisioning and launching.  No boat mods this season.  Galley Kat will have to wait yet again for improved faucet facilites and our much needed storage improvement will have to wait.  I have sourced out an option for cabin wall covering but there is more than enough happening on land this year so have decided to forego that for now

Rubberized Cork

What hasn’t changed is the big picture.  If all goes as planned, R.E.D. and her crew will have a new home sometime within the next few months. We found a dream property (26 acre ocean frontage) but will it still be available when we are ready?  Fingers and toes crossed.

Sun on the Bay

The condo will be put on the market  but we’re now thinking that since the work has gone a little faster than expected that we list next month and see how it goes.  It could be that we will be homeless before heading out for the summer.  With this in mind I have researched moving options.  More on that later on.  So many variables.  All exciting.  All a little scary.

Once listed, will post pics of what we are leaving behind.  The place we thought was our forever place.  And the more we clean out and stage, the more we realize just what we’ll be walking/sailing away from.