We had a toddler sleep-over recently, after which my daughter asked about our ‘in case of fire’ plan.  My immediate response was (if on the second floor) open the nearest window, slide down the roof and hope for a reasonably soft landing.  Broken bones aren’t a huge concern if escaping quickly is an issue.  But I got the impression that my response was far too loosey goosey.  Which brings me to the post today.

…an alternative to sliding down the roof…

I did a fair bit of research on types of escape ladders including reading endless product reviews.  The one I chose ticked off all boxes – securely installed…easily accessible….and it included my design diva criteria for looking good or if it couldn’t look good than it had to at least be discretely located.  Form follows function used to be the norm, then function followed form but now it’s really a chicken/egg question…the answer to which is the egg of course…you know…potentiality precedes eventuality (has your head exploded yet?).  Philosophical discussions aside the only valid concern is to focus on safety first…of course.

Francois installed the first one in the guest room.  It meant a little modification….securing extra studs and plastering the wall scar over several days.

As with all renos, a little of us was left behind.  A smile for future ‘others’ to discover.

The finished product is discrete, can be painted to match the wall colour and the only remaining factor is to try it out.  Which is one of the main reasons I chose this model.  If you read the fine print of the ‘hook onto the window sill’ models you will notice that the guarantee is good for one use only.  So how can I test it out in advance to make sure it works properly, I might ask?

These have now been installed in both bedrooms.  Time for a test.  He who has the most weight not she who has height issues…of course!

…a good start.

…seems to be holding.

…safely extracted.

Easy to deploy.  Easy to use.  Easy to put away.  Another marvellous modification at RED by the Sea.

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