PODZILLA  and Our Life in a Box

PODZILLA and Our Life in a Box

I wasn’t planning on sending you all an update until a bit closer to leaving Montreal but when our moving POD was delivered today I decided it was worth telling you all about the experience.

POD Delivery

It was not too dissimilar to launching a boat.  The guy presented himself around 08:00 after a couple of calls letting us know of his approximate arrival time.  By the way, so far in this process at least, we are super happy with the company and what they offer, very reasonable pricing and a small military discount is always welcomed.  These days when customer service seems to be less than what we are willing to put up with we’ve been really impressed with their communication.  I say so far because we still have a way to go.

The Process

So here’s the show.  Podzilla the robot that our POD sits on, raises up the container so that the driver can extract the POD from his truck then lowers the POD slowly to the ground.  Podzilla then returns to the truck.  Very much like our annual boat launch and with as much care.

The Demonstration

The great communication continued with a demo of how the locking system works….

The Unveiling

…and some instructions on loading etc.

Supervisor Pig

As always, the Pig played supervisor from afar.  I guess we’re all a little nervous about the events of the days to come.

The First Run

In the beginning, when we started bringing all our carefully packed boxes down to load, I thought, there is no way our stuff is going to fit.  I mean NO WAY!  But after a few hours of hauling and lifting and arranging, Francois had it all neatly stacked, taking up no more than a third of the container.  If nothing else, all those military moves taught this guy to pack like a professional.  We still have so much more to do and I’m still taking bets to see if our worldly goods can fit into an 8’ x 8’ x 16’ POD.  Feel free to chime in with your bets.

Last Beer

The land galley is getting mighty low on supplies but we managed to squeeze in one lowly beer to share, congratulating ourselves for a job well done today.

Post Script: french translation is automated and not always perfect. Sorry