Good day to you all!



Here we are back on the Mohawk River,

almost at the end of the Erie Canal part of our journey.


Between Lock #21 and #22

we saw this little guy crossing the river.

I am still trying to capture a photo of those shy Kingfishers,

but so far they have proven to be too quick for my lense.





By mid-day we had reached Lake Oneida,

…the year-round vacation mecca of the region.

RV’ing, boating, fishing…


..which is why Monday may have been a good choice of days to cross…

…at least I think it’s Monday.

I’m sure François knows.

He still insists on wearing his watch.

He says after 39 years of military service,

some habits are hard to break.

The beard is a darned good start though.




We would loved to have been able to sail the approximate 18 nautical miles…

…across the lake but with a brisk wind at our nose,

and many areas of shoals to avoid

we may have still been there next week

and had to step and un-step the mast as well.


There also was a clear weather window,

…so keeping our eye on the prize of reaching Lake Ontario,

we motored.


Brewerton Terminal Dock for the night.

No services but after a day of motoring our batteries are charged,

water supply good,

delicious supper guaranteed.

…and we are really hoping that this is bioluminescent plankton,

because if it is,

we may have a glow-in-the-dark show tonight.



Lock #23 tomorrow…

our last on the Erie Canal ,

allowing us to close another chapter

on our adventure.