Our anchorage at Île aux Cochons (Island of the Pigs)

deserves it’s own blog post.

One of the Lake Saint-Pierre archipelago (near Sorel, Quebec)

it proved a secure place to stop for the day.

Our anchor held well in the mud bottom.

With our dagger board lowered one foot,

and port rudder down

there was no typical MacGregor dance.

We held fast all night.

Here we prepared R.E.D. for the trip down the Richelieu,
unstepping the mast, wrapping and strapping her
to fit under some low-lying bridges ahead.

By the end of the afternoon we had the shallow bay to ourselves.
Our reward – the sunset a wash of watercolour.
This is my ‘just because’ picture for the day…
because at sunset sometimes
even factories which may be polluting our environment
can be exquisitely beautiful.