When life gives you lemons…

….make lemonade…

or a really large vodka cocktail!




Ever wonder if you are being tested,

like there is some greater-than-you cosmic plan

with hurdles and stumbling blocks

placed around each turn of the road?




R.E.D. is finally in the water after a brief launch delay.

Uneventful mast stepping.

Rigging perfectly executed.

Her ballast belly filled with 2015 water.

Packing and provisioning almost complete.




…we notice an unfamiliar moaning and grinding from the engine trim hydraulic assembly.

Upon investigation, Francois found the seal of the cylinder was broken

which allowed the hydraulic fluid to depart.

image courtesy of Evinrude




Our not-so-positive thoughts:

1. to have it fixed we need to haul out

2. to haul out we have to unstep, wrap and strap

3. our club is still in its launch phase

(would they be able to squeeze us into their lift schedule?)




Positive thoughts…positive thoughts..


1. Engine still under warranty

2. …having a really hard time thinking of positives…

oh yeah, there was a recall of the Evinrude eTech…

some sort of environmental computer adjustment that should be done.

3. we are two years/145 hours into our three-year/300 hour maintenance,

so it may be a good time to have that done too.

4. we belong to such a great boat club!



…so here I am wearing my best positive smile…waiting…



…and Captain…waiting…


…we can always count on Marcel to take care of us…
and R.E.D. of course…
…ready to drop onto the trailer…


…making sure she’s mounted securely…

…ready to go.