Today was the big reveal.  Inspection of the home.  Inspection of the septic system.  All banking, legal, certificate of insurability in place but what remained was a seal of approval from our inspectors.

While we followed the inspectors through their routine, I took the time to admire what could be our future garden.

Aside from an amazing array of flowers, there are apple, crabapple and cherry trees, raspberry and blackberry bushes, wild strawberries, rhubarb.  A charming little path into the woods bordered by a brook. A little piece of heaven isn’t it?

Inspection of the home came out very positive.  Inspite of her 87 years this charmig little place is in excellent condition.  Nothing of concern.  Structurally sound.  As we first saw, move-in ready.

At the same time the septic system was being inspected and it was discovered the well was too close to the septic field for today’s norms and drainage inadequate.  The blush started fading more than slightly from our little dream.

And then that shoe dropped.  That other shoe you never want to drop but in the back of your mind you know it’s always a possibility.  The water test came back.  Top of the results: ‘water undrinkable’.

As disappointed as we are, it’s surprisingly easy to walk away from something we know will create so many future problems.  Sorry little potential RED by the SEA.  Moving on.