Adventure by the very nature of the word itself indicates challenges, at times hardships and exhilarating experiences.  This little adventure of ours has been amazing but for sure it’s not been all pretty sunsets, cockpit cocktails, and rainbows.

The waters of the Saint Lawrence are now registering close to freezing temperatures and night time temperatures, not much more.   Anchorages of any sort, good or bad will be limited from here on in.  We could take the easy route and stop at marinas each day but we equipped R.E.D. so that we could be more autonomous and that’s what we are determined to do.

So we’re now at another crossroad where we are evaluating whether to continue on to the Gaspé or whether to head back up river.  Yet another night of rock and roll at anchor.  Another night of very little sleep.  Then the weather report….gale warning.

More Weather Approaching

Weather Approaching

So this morning we hauled anchor and moved on up river to a little bay that looked better protected from the oncoming storm, well marked with channel buoys, even recommended in our 2016 Guide Nautique.


But after the first two red and green markers, water levels drastically dropped.  Dagger board raised, rudders lifted, engine tilted.  Crunch…a small crunch but a crunch..a rock in the middle of the marked channel.  Tricky manoeuvre  by François and we were out of there back to last night’s anchorage. Nothing major damaged  but it was another hit to our not-so-sunny mood.


Talking it Over

We pulled ourselves together. Captain installed a couple of our enclosure panels while I made lunch, then in relative comfort we devised our plan.  There are still a few things we want to see farther up river.  We will treat ourselves to a marina, take a heavenly shower,  do some laundry that doesn’t include my cockpit scrub bag, and meet up with friends in a few days.  It’s those little things after all that make a difference.

A friend reminds us that ‘a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor’ and I’ll add to that ‘our glass is neither half empty nor half full.  It’s refillable”

Here’s to a full glass!