French Translation

French Translation

Hello all of you who follow us ‘en français’, we have run into a little problem in the translation process. We are working with Weglot and Word Press to find a solution.

from the crew of R.E.D.




ANNOUNCEMENT! We’ve had a lot of interest in our webpage since last year’s adventure was published in Canadian Yachting and the French version l’Escale, April 2016 edition. Several have asked if we could please add a French translation to our which we have now done. The translation isn’t bad but certainly not as accurate as we would like. Automated robotic programs sometimes don’t get my writing ‘style’. We are super pleased that we now have a French following and apologize in advance for the less than perfect translation. If there is any part of our story that you don’t understand please let us know. Fair winds from the crew aboard R.E.D.

ANNONCE! Nous avons eu beaucoup d’intérêt pour notre site web depuis l’aventure de l’année dernière qui a été publiée dans Yachting canadien et la version française dans l’Escale, de l’édition avril 2016. Plusieurs nous ont demandé si nous pouvions ajouter une traduction en français sur notre site, ce que nous avons maintenant fait. La traduction automatique n’est pas mal, mais certainement pas aussi précise que nous le voudrions. Ce programme automatisé ne reçoit pas nécessairement notre ‘style’ d’écriture. Nous sommes super heureux que nous ayons maintenant un site en français et nous nous excusons à l’avance pour les imperfections dans la traduction. S’il y a une partie de notre histoire que vous ne comprenez pas s’il vous plaît, faites-nous savoir par un commentaire en français sur cette même page. Bon vent de l’équipage R.E.D.



Just when we thought that we had reached the pinnacle of our adventure,

sailing past the Statue of Liberty

in the heart of New York City….

We had known the Hermione would be in New York

(you can read more about her here)

and hoped we would be able to see her

but when we came across the opportunity to join the flotilla

for the Independence Day celebration,

we jumped at the chance.

145 boats participated

R.E.D. was listed as #100

and as far as we could tell

we were the only Canadian boat.

I hope the following pictures
will give you a hint of her magnificence…


Captain did a superb job of positioning us amongst the others…
At times it wasn’t easy as the waters were rough
and there was constant jockeying for the best place.
We had to keep within a designated perimeter of Hermione
and none were allowed to move past her bow,
otherwise it was a nautical free-for-all.
…Francois flew his Royal Canadian Artillery Flag with pride…
…we all passed under the Verrazano Bridge…
…past the Statue of Liberty…
…and the Freedom Tower…
…there were pirates…
…and musicians…
(this French woman held the tiller between her legs while playing beautiful
French tunes on her accordian)
…at noon there was a fly-past…
…and fire boat displays…
…so many beautiful ships participated…
…security was fierce…
After 2 hours the parade ended
and we let R.E.D. do what she was meant to do..
Back on Staten Island we settled in to the evening fireworks…

A day we will remember always!