At Lock #23,

our final lock on the Erie Canal,

we shared space and stories with this boat.


Travelling up from Florida this year,

they weathered 2 tropical storms,

and temperatures from 45 ° F to 98 ° F.

In 2013 they trailered to British Columbia,

then motored north to Alaska.

This couple has been places!

…at the junction of the Erie/Oswego we waved our goodbyes…


The beauty of the type of boats we both have

is that we can change water plans whenever we wish

and explore.

When we purchased R.E.D. in 2013

we could see five years into the future with her.

Now in our third season,

we aren’t sure if there are enough years at the end of our plans

but we sure are going to keep each moment full of adventure.


Our night was spent at the Fulton Canal Landing,
between Lock #2 and # 3.
…a tight space for a 26 foot boat on a 20 foot finger in frisky winds,
but François handled the back-in perfectly.
For any boaters interested this was a free night
which included electricity, water, washrooms, and showers
and just a five minute walk to the nearest Price Choppers.
(we’ve become hooked on their vacuum packed baby-back ribs)
Tomorrow that mast WILL BE STEPPED!!!!




Today we left Waterford
along with the several others docked with us,
each going in our own way.
Locked through the first five Erie Canal locks ( Lock 2- Lock 6)


Through the wetlands of the Mohawk River…




François poured through charts and brocures…


…while I took the helm
(by the way I locked through #7
and docked for the night – very pleased!)




We ended our evening docked at Scotia Landing,

poured an evening cocktail,

sat in our rocking chairs (cockpit of the boat)

and watched the US Water Skiing Show Team practice

while listening to the concert at Freedom Park