We have been searching for a way to stay connected

this summer while on our little journey through US waters.

Several options were considered,

from swapping out the SIM card

for our iPhone or iPad,

WiFi boosters (Captain wants a Rogue Wave),

pay as you go plans.



Our Canadian location also presents us with additional limitations:

We don’t have a US address

so we toddled off to the nearest USPS location

in Plattsburgh, NY

to inquire about their services.

Some possibilites there to be considered.

We don’t hold a US-based credit card

so toddled off to a US branch of our card provider,


…but we need a US address for that.

OK then, what if we applied for a USPS service?

Well, no it needs to be a residential address.

Drat!! a never-ending loop of frustration!


But then a friend suggested something he uses…

Jetpack Ellipsis from Verizon.

No contract needed.

No US address needed.

No US credit card needed.


Very affordable little device.
Easily available gift card reloading option.
Can hook up several devices for WiFi access.
Happy connected bloggers!
We also took the time to enjoy the beauty of the day in Plattsburgh, NY…
…a walk through a water-front park…
…and a photo op with
the Captain and Samuel de Champlain…


…spent a few moments envying
some lucky sailors already on the water!…

…then stopped for a delicious bite and refreshing brew

before heading back home.