I’m kicking myself that I didn’t snap a pic of the occasion

but in truth I was a bit nervous at the time.


We were put-putting along the Hudson,

and I was keeping well within the marked buoy channel,

when a motor boat came speeding by outside the green.

I thought:

“Hmm, some boaters don’t seem to know how to pass another”



in large letters on the side.


Then François told me to stop,

they had U-turned and were coming back, lights flashing.


He scooted below to pick up our papers.

Even though we knew everything was in order

and we had made sure all our gear was in compliance,

I was shaking.

François had read that there would be more USCG vigilance on the water

over the weekend.


I stopped and they came along side,

2 USCG, 2 from the Sheriff’s department.


No need to have worried.

All great guys.

Filled outing their boarding report.

They didn’t want to check our safety equipment

just our Cruising License and passports.


The humourous part was

they seemed more interested in the boat.

Asked a lot of questions about her.

Checking her out all over.



After they cast off we wondered,

did they come back because they wanted wanted to check the papers

of the lone Canadian boat on the water,

or did they come back because they thought:

“Hey nice boat. Let’s go back and ask about her?”

We chose to believe the latter.