I have always been more than a bit intimidated

with the thought of cleaning a boat winch.


Warnings came from various forums on the topic…

“make sure you disassemble within a box to sequester all the little parts!”

The recommendations say to service once per season at least

and we are heading into our third season.



Our meals trays covered with an anti-skid mat
provided a good area to place all the bits.


The winches on our boat are really basic,

two Forespar Marelon #6.

not too many removeable parts – thankfully…


…were relatively easy to remove…


and clean.
…particular attention had to be paid to these – 6 in total,
as the little springs could easily be lost.




A small amount of winch lubricant was applied to the metal parts.


Francois cleaned, greased and reassembled one…


….I, the other.
Very happy to say no parts were lots in the process…
All ready for some FINE sailing!


And I can proudly and confidently say that on our boat at least,

jokers valves and winches

are checked off my ‘I can easily do this myself’ list.








Now that we have consistently mild weather,

and since it will be a few days before we can ‘splash’ our lady

we are using the time to clean and polish.


…scrubbing the deck and hull…


…polishing the chrome…

…the wooden crutch in the cockpit I will be explaining in a later post.

…it involves a plan to make travelling with mast down a little easier

for the first protion of our summer Rideau loop trip.





…she looks really shiny and we haven’t even applied the wax yet.

…the club was a bustling hive of activity with others preparing their boats for launch

and these lucky folks already having enjoyed a brisk sail.