Captain says,

“A boat must be proclaimed seaworthy

before it can be deemed operational”

…and with our continued battery problems,

we can clearly state that we are not fully operational.

Our intent was to make a side journey to Prince Edward County

to visit family,

but it was becoming increasingly clear that

it wasn’t our best plan.

We decided today after leaving Clayton

to head to Canadian waters

spending the next few days

making our way home.

…our exact point of crossing…
We docked at Gananoque for a pumpout.
Probably because it is the last four days of the Quebec
Construction Holiday,
the harbour was really busy.
But we docked at the Municipal Dock for an hour
so we could check back in to Canadian Customs
(smooth sailing in that regard, thankfully)
then headed out from the bedlam.
After trying several locations we found this little piece of heaven
near Stave Island,
away from the busy channel
and secure from the wind…

We are getting a little low on provisions

so I decided to make some more Naan bread…

…heated the water in the setting sun…
…made a good mess of flour and dough in the galley…
…cooked them on the galley griddle…
….then made them ready for Captain’s pizza…
…surprising how something so simple…
…can taste so good at anchor…
…our day ended with a 99.6% full moon…
…can’t beat this million dollar view!




We arrived at the Clayton Municipal Dock

around 10:00 this morning,

greeted by the harbour master who helped us tie up.

With continued battery challenges

we chose to pay for an overnight stay with electricity.

($1.25/foot with all the amenities)

But even without needing power it would have been a shame to miss this place.

These two ospreys had some fresh meat
they were enjoying at the harbour entrance.
All day long beautiful boats entered and exited…
…the Fair Jeanne,
a training vessel out of Ottawa, Canada.
..and this wooden classic.
Francois fell in love a few times today…
…first with Anita…
…then with Stella,
a 1956, 35 foot Owen that was up for auction with no reserve,
very similar to the 42 foot Owen
he and his family used to cruise on.
Stella had seen better days though, so we passed.
We toured the 102 foot river boat
La Duchesse (pictured right),
built by George Boldt of Boldt Castle fame
in 1905.
She has been sunk and revived twice,
and her reviving continues,
and although she shows her age…
…the rich times of her era are ever-present…
All this boat touring gave us a mighty thirst
so we headed across the street to
and a brew.
Our choice: Channel Marker IPA
and their wood oven Margherita Pizza.
We returned to R.E.D.
and poured an early evening cocktail….
Our day?…