A day of more put-putting along.

This next stage was a series of nine locks

that stretch from Chambly to Saint-Jean

10 nm along the Chambly Canal.


Yet another locking experience.

This time the staff threw the line at lock one

and on departure we took their line with us.

The staff then hopped in their little golf cart,

met us at the next lock

where we then threw them the line…

and so on through the nine locks.

Apparently, I throw like a girl

so learned to hand the line using the boat hook.

It was just us with a couple of guys in their sailboat,
wrapped and strapped on their journey south
to Lake Champlain.
One of them spoke to Francois
and told him how lucky he was that I was as passionate about sailing as he was.
His wife would rather be at home on land riding her bicycle and tending her garden.
Francois’ response was that yes, he was lucky
but it was Kathy who gently pushed him in the sailing direction.
Yes, sirree!

We still haven’t experienced warm weather yet.
Even when it’s sunny, the air on the water is still chilly.
We treat ourselves to a small tot of rum which warms our bellies
but our supply was quickly dwindling.
There was internet at one of the locks
so I did a little research
for reprovisioning…
True sailors should never be without their ‘essentials’
(SAQ = local liquor store)


R.E.D. at Chambly Canal Lock 9