A early morning egg salad sandwich to go
(with boat sprouts for sure!)….


Francois took the first shift…



We usually work in two-hour shifts,

which under motor, seems to take forever.


But when we are under sail for some reason

the time flies…


When it was my turn at the helm,

Francois ‘manned’ the lines…


It’s a system that works very well for us,
although I would like to re-negotiate helm time
while sailing and lenghten it to at least three hours.
Today I squeezed in three hours.
Happy, happy Communications Officer!!!


We sailed past the giants of Wolfe Island…


Past the Tibbetts Point Lighthouse…
…to reach Cape Vincent public dock.

Boaters’ Notes
Quiet location
No facilities,
but it has free overnight docking
right next to the ferry dock
and just minutes walking to groceries and other shops.


…this was my just-because picture,
because I have a real thing for doors…




After dinner we took a walk around town…




“Where should I go?” asked Alice.

“That depends on where you want to end up.” replied The Cheshire Cat


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass