We couldn’t resist!

We have found a fairly decent boxed wine that we enjoyed aboard R.E.D. this year

and because we don’t bring anything cardboard onboard

would remove the wine bladder and keep it in a plastic cereal dispenser.

It was practical but not pretty

and for those of you who know us well,

onboard it’s all about pretty.

So when I stumbled on the Menu Baggy Winecoat

I knew it had to be ours.

Isn’t it an elegant way to present something as ordinary as boxed wine?
The only cons:
It wasn’t cheap and it holds only the 3 litres wine bladders
so we are now on the search again for a decent wine.
Should be another fun adventure.
Should we fail to find a boxed wine in that capacity that appeals to us,
there are always the disposable inserts
that can be used inside the Winecoat to hold our favourite bottled beverage
but we are trying to cut down on disposable as best we can.